Driver App


Drive smarter, not harder with the new Driver App. With just a few taps, you can accept or decline bookings made by passengers. The app features include streamlined registration, user-friendly profile management, precise GPS, real time notifications, a comprehensive ride history, driver ratings, optimized driving routes, passenger information, and 24/7 support through calls or messages.


Easy Accessible Interface

Navigate with ease using the driver-friendly interface. Designed for an optimal user experience, our app prioritizes convenience and ease of use. With an intuitive design, accessing essential features has never been simpler.
Onboarding Process


Smooth Onboarding Process

You must first enable this feature to use the Taxi app. Then, at the click of a button, passengers and drivers can log in and register on the app. 

speed trip

High Speed Trip Request Delivery

Customers will need to enter the time and location; a driver will be assigned based on the details entered after the booking. 
High Speed Request
Fare Calculation

accurate fare

100% Accurate Fare & Distance Calculations

No more guesswork, our app uses the latest mapping technology to provide you with precise distances and fares, making your job as a driver easier and more efficient.


Live Meter

Say goodbye to estimated fares and hello to real-time accuracy with our live meter. No more guessing the cost of the ride, as our meter automatically calculates the waiting time, traffic delay, and changes in speed to ensure you pay only for the time and distance traveled.
Live Meter
Create Trip


Create A Trip By Driver

A driver will be assigned based on the details entered after the booking by the customers 


Referral Program

Get multiple free rides when you invite your family and friends to install the ZervX app using your referral code.
Referral Program
Trip Towards

drivers destination

Find A Trip Towards Drivers Desired Destination

Having the facility to find the trips towards drivers desired destination for minimum times. 

wishlist management

Schedule Trip Wishlist Management

New features are inbuild here to schedule trip wishlist management 
Schedule Management


Rewards Program

Get more rewards for the rides when you invite your family and friends to install the ZervX app. 


Earning Stats

Get real-time updates on your daily, weekly and monthly earnings, track your progress and see how much you have earned to date. Make informed decisions and optimize your driving strategy to increase your earnings.


Secured Wallet

No more worrying about cash or card payments – our wallet allows for direct payments for the ride.



Your safety tool while on the road. In case of emergency, road incident or threat, just tap to alert emergency services and notify emergency contacts.
SOS Safety



Customer Relationship Management is a system where push notifications are accessible. Alert notifications and messages are reached to users, potential customers, and drivers. 


Call Masking

Best solutions to maintain the customer’s privacy and identity without getting their personal data misplaced. 
Call Masking
Taxi Booking Services


Automated Language Detection

The specialty of our app is detecting language automatically without any delay. 

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