DevOps Consulting

Our DevOps developers help in every stage of the project, providing scalable solutions to clients.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Keep downtimes at bay and manage resources efficiently with cloud infrastructure .

Continuous Deployment

Automate cumbersome & repetitive tasks to save time and enhance development efficiency.

Why Work With Our
DevOps Company In Chennai?

We follow strategies that yield cost-effective and secure solutions. Our developers listen to your requirements and perform a detailed analysis before creating customized apps that exceed your expectations. All apps are tested and deployed with a 100% error-free guarantee. Our commitment to quality and on-time delivery makes us one of the best devops app development company in Chennai. Our user-centric and habit-forming designs ensure repeated app usage. Right from using the right color palette to original design ideas help stimulate the desired action and attract more traffic to your business.

Technology solutions

Comprehensive DevOps Services

We provide end-to-end DevOps services to speed up your development lifecycle and streamline IT operations. As a trusted DevOps service provider in Chennai, we are committed to improving your development & operations strategy.

Continuous Integration

Automate integration and continuous delivery.

Continuous Deployment

Automated testing & faster troubleshooting.

DevOps As A Service

End-to-end DevOps services.

Devops Technology Solutions
Automate Infrastructure

Configure build servers, testing, staging & production environment.

Integrate Security Practices

Automate security testing and compliance processing.

Code Management

Manage IT infrastructure through code.

Why Choose Us As Your DevOps Service Provider In Chennai?

Our experience helps us improve business agility, streamline workflow, and reduce costs. Our experts have worked with organizations to increase efficiency and implement CI/CD best practices for better quality and quicker product release time. We implement security and compliance at the early stages of the project to detect potential defects and reduce costs. At Berakrays, we work with dedicated DevOps specialists to implement the best practices and achieve desired results.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Embrace cloud infrastructure to allow your apps to perform their best. We also manage virtual servers for superior performance.

CI/CD Services

Our services range from CI/CD implementation and consulting to pipeline auditing.

Infrastructure As Code

Manage, operate & maintain infrastructure with scripts.

How We Work

1. Gathering Requirement
Our business analyst discusses with the client to understand business & technical requirements to avoid ambiguity & ensure everyone is on the right track.
2. Ideating
Ideation includes designing and refining the app’s features based on research and the gathered requirements.
3. UI/UX Design
During the UI/UX designing process, we create various deliverables for easy navigation, aesthetics, usability, & visual appeal.
4. Architecture
The next step is to determine the set of rules, techniques, processes, and patterns required to develop a mobile application.
5. Prototype
A prototype ensures that critical design issues are sorted before it becomes too late or too expensive to make major changes.
6. Development
During this stage, the app is built and released for the client and internal review and testing. We maintain complete transparency during this stage so that clients have complete confidence in our process.
7. Quality Assurance
This ensures that bugs, mistakes, and potential risks are addressed early to prevent expensive errors.
8. Build and Release
During this process, we release the production version of the app to the appropriate app store. We’ll wait until the app goes through the app store’s review process.
9. Deployment
This process involves installing, configuring, updating, and enabling the application to make it available for use.
10. Go Live
This is where the app moves from the test environment to the production environment.
11. Support and Maintenance
During this stage, we address bugs or teething issues, if any. There’ll always be unexpected errors that must be addressed.

Define business goals and objectives

Our collaboration


Elicit product functional and non-functional requirements

Design a cost-effective custom technical solution

Develop the software and user experience

Ensure a successful product launch

Assure software product quality

Maintain and improve the product

Case studies

Berarkrays Logo

Cloud-based end to end Uber Like Cab Aggregation Platform

10,000 Drivers Managed Daily.

1.5 Million Customers.

10,000 Bookings Daily.

9000+ Routes covered.

Platforms developed :




ZervX Vehicles Management
ZervX Vehicles Management
Berarkrays Logo

Cloud-based end to end Uber Like Cab Aggregation Platform

10,000 Drivers Managed Daily.

1.5 Million Customers.

10,000 Bookings Daily.

9000+ Routes covered.

Platforms developed :




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BerarkRays was the best decision I made for my company software development needs. They are super professional, timely, and listened to all my requests. 

Truth Egbele

CEO - Lagos

BerarkRays team are exceptional, human, humane, smart, intelligent and super supportive team. I am excited to meet this team and we look forward to building a lasting journey together.

Ezieke Amaefula

CEO - Port Harcourt

The company has developed excellent software for our project. The team is dedicated, always available to answer questions and receive feedback. 

Valdir Correia

CEO - Brazil